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Home care is healthcare or supportive care provided in the patient's home by healthcare professionals. Often, the term home  care is used to distinguish non-medical care or custodial care, which is care that is provided by persons who are not nurses,  doctors, or other licensed medical personnel, as opposed to home health care that is provided by licensed personnel. BahamasMedical strives to supply the needs of every patient at competitive prices and specializes in Wound Care, Incontinence Care, Respiratory Care, Ostomy Care, Orthopedic Care, Diabetic Care, Urinary Care and more.


Underpads • Bed Pans • Diapers • Deodorizers • Underwear

Bathroom Assist

Commode • Shower Chairs • Grab Bars • Raised Toilet Seat • Transfer Bench

Student Supplies

Patella Hammers • Thermometers (mercury) • Tape Measure • Diagnostic Sets • Tuning Forks

Daily Living Aids

Bed Wedge • Cushions • Pillows • Invalid Rings • Reachers • Oral Care Kits • Bathing Aids


Wheelchairs • Walkers • Crutches • Beds / Mattress • Rollators (Rolling Walkers) • Aids

Pain Management

Bio Freeze • Paraffin Wax • Thera-Band • Ice Packs

Monitoring Supplies

Glucometers • Test Strips • Lancets • Cholesterol Meters • Testing Devices • Blood Pressure Monitors

Diagnostic Products

Scales • Blood Pressure • Pulse Oximeters • Stethoscopes

Braces, Splints, Supports

Ankle – Knee & Thigh • Back – Neck & Abdominal • Cast Protectors • Elbow – Shoulder Arm Slings

Pressure/Ulcer Management

Heel / Ankle Protector • Overlay Mattress • Egg Carte Mattress • Gel Cushions


Aero Chambers • Nebulizer (Adult & Paediatric) • Oxygen Concentrator • Humidifiers • CPAP Machines & Masks • Suction Machines

Hospital Beds

Full Electric Beds • Manual Beds • Mattress • Semi Electric Beds • Overbed Tables • Rails


Wheelchairs • Walkers • Crutches • Caries • Motor Scooters • Lifts • Rollators

Ostomy Supplies

Pastes/Ponders • Deodorants • Accessories • Adhesive Removers • 1 piece systems • 2 piece systems

Compression Therapy

Anti Embolism Stockings • Arm Sleeves and Gauntlets (lymphedema) • Socks

About Us

Bahamas Medical & Surgical Supplies Limited (BahamasMedical), incorporated in February 2000, is a supplier of medical and surgical products, equipment and services. We are the official authorized suppliers for all GE Healthcare products and equipment. We operate from our offices on 9 Fifth Terrace, Centerville.

Our Values

In our business relationships, BahamasMedical strives to reflect our core values which include commitment to service excellence, honesty, integrity and value for money.


BahamasMedical sells a wide variety of medical, dental, hospital, and surgical supplies and equipment. We also sell pharmaceutical and medical goods.

Currency of all transactions: BSD $