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Vscan Launch

The Vscan, manufactured by GE Healthcare, is one of the newest innovations in the healthcare industry offering cutting edge medical advances across the globe since its birth in 2011. It garnered great success at that time, and is anticipated to get the same reception, if not better, now that it’s available locally.

Bahamas Medical & Surgical Supplies is the official supplier of all GE Healthcare technology in The Bahamas. Since the Vscan’s groundbreaking creation it promises to become a fundamental piece of equipment, and can be described as the 21st century stethoscope allowing local practitioners the opportunity to significantly enhance their ability to evaluate patients.

Vscan is a handheld, pocket-sized visualization tool powered by ultrasound technology that enables doctors to visually inspect the inside of the patient’s body during a physical exam. By providing real-time black and white anatomic and color-coded blood flow images at the touch of a button, Vscan can help enhance exams. Physicians can look inside patients non-invasively to inspect organ function and make diagnoses quickly and confidently, allowing them to connect more deeply with patients for quality care.


Geriatric Hospital Push/Walkathon

Healthy ageing awareness is vital to the social, mental and physical health of our growing geriatric population. Bahamas Medical sponsored the 2nd annual Push/Walkathon hosted by Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre and the Geriatrics Hospital.

The event was held on Saturday April 20, 2013 under the theme, ’Successful Aging’. Proceeds from this year’s event will be used towards the purchase of a much needed wheelchair bus that would assist with transportation of their chronically disabled patients to various occupational and recreational activities.

About Us

Bahamas Medical & Surgical Supplies Limited (BahamasMedical), incorporated in February 2000, is a supplier of medical and surgical products, equipment and services. We are the official authorized suppliers for all GE Healthcare products and equipment. We operate from our offices on 9 Fifth Terrace, Centerville.

Our Values

In our business relationships, BahamasMedical strives to reflect our core values which include commitment to service excellence, honesty, integrity and value for money.


BahamasMedical sells a wide variety of medical, dental, hospital, and surgical supplies and equipment. We also sell pharmaceutical and medical goods.

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