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Donation to the Children’s Emergency Hostel and Nazareth Center


In an effort to assist in the community, BahamasMedical
made donations to the Children’s Emergency Hostel
and the Nazareth Center.

About Us

Bahamas Medical & Surgical Supplies Limited (BahamasMedical), incorporated in February 2000, is a supplier of medical and surgical products, equipment and services. We are the official authorized suppliers for all GE Healthcare products and equipment. We operate from our offices on 9 Fifth Terrace, Centerville.

Our Values

In our business relationships, BahamasMedical strives to reflect our core values which include commitment to service excellence, honesty, integrity and value for money.


BahamasMedical sells a wide variety of medical, dental, hospital, and surgical supplies and equipment. We also sell pharmaceutical and medical goods.

Currency of all transactions: BSD $